Best Suburbs in Adelaide

Are you thinking of buying a house in Adelaide? If so, you may be wondering which is the best suburb to buy in. Each suburb has its own unique charms and benefits, so it can be tough to decide. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best suburbs in Adelaide – so you can make an informed decision about where to purchase your new home. Whether you’re looking for a quiet town or vibrant city life, we have something for everyone on this list! Keep reading to find out more.

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Best suburbs to live in Adelaide

Are you looking for a great place to live? According to the latest data, these 10 suburbs are the most liveable in the country. With plenty of amenities and a great community spirit, you’ll feel right at home here. So if you’re narrowing down your search, be sure to add these suburbs to your list!

Adelaide’s top 10 most liveable suburbs

Whether you’re looking for city convenience or seaside bliss, these are the most liveable suburbs in Adelaide.

The South Australian capital is home to numerous neighbourhoods that represent the best of both worlds – gorgeous scenery, plenty of amenities and easy access to the city centre. Here we reveal 10 of the most lifestyle rich suburbs in Adelaide.

1. North Adelaide

If you’re looking for a suburb that has it all, look no further than North Adelaide. Located just minutes from the CBD, North Adelaide is home to a diverse range of businesses, restaurants, and cafes. There’s something for everyone in this vibrant suburb. The tree-lined streets and Victorian-era architecture add to the charm of North Adelaide, making it one of the most liveable suburbs in Adelaide. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or a place to visit, North Adelaide should be at the top of your list.

2. Henley Beach

Situated just a short drive from the Adelaide CBD, Henley Beach is one of the city’s most popular suburbs. The wide, sandy beach is a great place to relax and enjoy the sunny weather, and there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to enjoy a meal or coffee by the water. There are also several parks and playgrounds in the suburb, making it a great place to raise a family. For those who love to stay active, there are several walking and cycling trails to explore. And, with plenty of public transport options, it’s easy to get around without needing a car. With its relaxed lifestyle and fantastic amenities, it’s no wonder that Henley Beach is one of Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs.

3. Prospect

If you’re looking for a place to call home in Adelaide, you can’t go wrong with Prospect. This vibrant suburb is located just minutes from the city centre, making it the perfect place for young professionals and families alike. Prospect is also home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants. In addition, the suburb is well-connected, with a number of bus and train services running through the area. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Prospect is one of Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs.

4. Kensington

Kensington is one of Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs for a number of reasons. It’s close to the city centre, so you can enjoy all the benefits of inner-city living without the noise and bustle. The suburb is also well connected, with good public transport links and plenty of green space. There are also plenty of shops and restaurants to enjoy, as well as a lively nightlife scene. And if you’re looking for a bit of peace and quiet, you can always head to one of Kensington’s many parks and gardens. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder Kensington is one of Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs.

5. Glenelg

This vibrant suburb is located just a short distance from the city centre, making it easy to enjoy all that Adelaide has to offer. At the same time, Glenelg is also a beachside community, which means that you can enjoy plenty of sun and sand just minutes from your doorstep. In addition, Glenelg is home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars, which makes it easy to find something to suit your taste. Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to raise a family or a lively spot to enjoy your weekends, Glenelg is sure to have something for you.

6. Semaphore

Semaphore is one of Adelaide’s most liveable suburbs for a number of reasons. It has a strong sense of community, with many residents having lived in the area for generations. The suburb is also well-connected, with good public transport links and a short drive to the city centre. Semaphore also has a wide range of amenities, including shops, restaurants and cafes. There is also a lively arts and culture scene, with regular markets and festivals taking place throughout the year. Semaphore is an attractive and welcoming suburb that has something to offer everyone.

7. Bowden

Bowden is not just a pretty face; it also has an interesting history that makes its residents feel connected to their community. The artsy vibe and eclectic dining scene attract trendsetting young professionals looking for the next big thing in Adelaide life, while new apartment buildings provide housing options along with home and land packages. A variety of transportation links make this place accessible no matter how you get around town – whether by train or tram.

8. Malvern

The picturesque suburb of Malvern is a desirable place for young families to call home, with its access not only schools but also shops and city centre. Covered by trees like jacaranda in this beautiful tree-lined street there are plenty of fashionable stores along Unley Road where locals can get everything they need within arm’s reach!

9. North Brighton

North Brighton is a sought-after suburb for its good location and proximity just 25 minutes from the CBD. The area boasts excellent education facilities – including one of Australia’s best schools, Brighton Secondary School. I also boasts lush parklands with fantastic community centers that make it popular among families in this scenic coastal suburb.

10. Black Forest

Black Forest is a picturesque inner-city location with tree-lined streets and easy access to the CBD. The small size of this vibrant community makes it an ideal place for those who want manageable property prices, and it has excellent schools nearby. Homes here come complete with character – whether you’re looking at Victorian or Tudor style architecture, which makes them all that more desirable; not only do they add aesthetic value but also ensure each home has its own unique appeal.

Best suburbs in Adelaide for nightlife

If you’re looking for a suburb with plenty of nightlife options, Adelaide has some great ones to choose from. Whether you’re into pubs, clubs, or live music, there’s sure to be something to keep you entertained. Here are some of the best suburbs for nightlife in Adelaide.

Microburbs is Australia’s leading website for determining the hipness (or otherwise) of your local suburb. It takes into account factors like median house prices, population density and cafe/bar establishments to calculate an overall score which can then be compared against other suburbs.

A high hip score indicates that a suburb is more likely to be populated by young professionals and creative types, while a low hip score suggests that a suburb is more likely to be family-friendly. Either way, the hip score is a useful tool for anyone considering moving to a new suburb.

Here are Adelaide’s Top 10 Hippest Suburbs based on the Hip Score:

  1. Adelaide 8.3
  2. Kent Town 8.2
  3. Hindmarsh 8.2
  4. Wayville 8.0
  5. Bowden 7.9
  6. Norwood 7.9
  7. Thebarton 7.9
  8. Parkside 7.9
  9. New Port 7.9
  10. Goodwood 7.8

Adelaide’s most family-friendly suburbs

Are you looking for a family-friendly suburb to live in in Adelaide? If so, you’ll want to check out our list of the top five suburbs in the city. From spacious homes and leafy green parks to great schools and friendly neighbours, these suburbs have everything you need for comfortable family life. So read on to find out more!



Walkerville is a popular suburban area of Adelaide because it’s not only close to the CBD, but also has excellent connectivity for those who want more than just their everyday commute. Many families move here so that they can take advantage of all this neighborhood has on offer – from excellent schools like St Andrew’s School or St. Monica’s Parish School to convenient shopping centers with grocery stores nearby!


Fulham Gardens

Fulham Gardens is a hidden gem that’s close to Henley Beach and the city. It’s great for families who want their children well looked after in safe environments where they can play outside. There are plenty of things to do for everyone here; award-winning restaurants/cafes with shopping centres full fixtures on every level plus everything else your family needs.


Henley Beach

The perfect place to call home is Henley beach. This suburb, close to the coast and West Lakes, provides you with everything your family needs: pristine beaches, eateries of all cuisines, schools full of life (and learning), and friendly people who are welcoming toward newcomers like yourself looking for an escape from city living! The majority of people settled here are established couples or families, which means their sense of community will be felt amongst all others too.


Huntfield Heights

Huntfield Heights is an affordable suburb of Adelaide with spacious homes. The majority who live there are older or established couples and families, making it easy for people planning on starting their own family to find the right house in this quiet community! Huntfield Heights has an excellent sense of community, and the friendliness of residents is unparalleled. The locals have lived in the suburb for years, and you can find many family homes in the area.

Best suburbs in Adelaide for coastal living

If you’re looking for a coastal lifestyle, Adelaide has some great suburbs to choose from. Whether you’re after seaside living with views of the ocean or easy access to local beaches and waterways, there’s a suburb in Adelaide perfect for you. Those looking to make a sea change can find their little slice of paradise in these eight coastal enclaves around South Australia. Keep reading to find out the best suburbs for coastal living in Adelaide.



In the heart of the Fleurieu Peninsula, the small town of Goolwa is where the mouth of the Murray and Southern Ocean meet. The historic river port combines a bustling village atmosphere with picturesque beaches and great surf. Property here is tightly held – a combination of quaint cottages, modest 1940s residences and new homes. The suburb is popular among empty nesters, enamoured by its coastal charm.



The seaside suburb of Semaphore is conveniently located just 20 minutes’ drive from the city centre yet feels as though it is a world away. With its glistening, calm waters, bustling foreshore and flourishing food scene, it gives residents a sense of life on holidays. It’s no wonder the neighbourhood lures everyone from professionals to young families looking to put down roots. Semaphore is known for its genuine community spirit and beautiful character homes, with median property prices ranging from $743,000 for houses to $344,000 for units.



The bustling suburb of Glenelg remains Adelaide’s most popular beachside suburb for good reason. It combines an energetic, outdoor lifestyle with cafes, pubs and alfresco eateries. A quick tram ride will take you straight into the city centre, while the picturesque foreshore encourages plenty of space to stretch your legs. A mix of art deco houses, character cottages and high-rise apartments, newcomers can expect to pay between $680,000 for a unit, to over a million for a small house.


Aldinga Beach

Flanked by pristine coastline, the peaceful suburb of Aldinga Beach has transcended from day-trip destination to sought-after lifestyle locale. This relaxed beachside neighbourhood offers quality schools, sporting grounds, a shopping centre and eateries and sits just a short drive to the McLaren Vale wine region. For commuters, Aldinga Beach is roughly 50 minutes’ drive from central Adelaide. It has a growing, family-friendly community yet remains affordable with a median house price of $425,000.


Kangaroo Island

With more than 500 kilometres of coastline, life on Kangaroo Island is all about the great outdoors. Suited to those preferencing a slower pace, Kangaroo Island combines stunning beaches with foodie delights and true untamed wilderness. It’s a 45-minute ferry ride from the mainland, posing a rural and restorative lifestyle where residents are part of a unique, close-knit community. In the town of Kingscote, houses can be snapped up for less than $300,000.


Victor Harbor

With its sea-salty lifestyle and captivating charm, Victor Harbor continues to attract young families and those embracing the work from home trend. Situated on the south coast just over an hours’ drive from Adelaide, it caters to those seeing a laid-back, small-town atmosphere. Residents can soak up secluded beaches, coastal bike trails and a historic township lined with pretty shops, pubs and cafes. Property prices range from $300,000 for units to $440.000 for houses, with Victor Harbor seeing some of the greatest rental returns in regional South Australia.



Nestled on South Australia’s Limestone Coast, Robe is an idyllic spot to raise a family or retire to. The picture-perfect town is a popular holiday destination come summer, while many are choosing never to leave. Its streets offer a string of shops, cafes and grocery stores, while the closest major town is Mt Gambier, about an hours’ drive away. Houses here will set you back about $440,000.


Port Lincoln

Those looking for a waterside escape in South Australia, can nab a beach house in Port Lincoln for just $340,000. Tucked away on the Eyre Peninsula – the “seafood capital of Australia” – it’s an aquatic playground with fishing, secluded beaches and rugged walking trails that hug the coastline. Port Lincoln is a foodie paradise, home to the highly desired Coffin Bay oysters along with a handful of surrounding wineries and excellent local restaurants.

Adelaide’s most walkable suburbs

If you’re looking for a suburb that’s easy to get around on foot, Adelaide has plenty of neighbourhoods that fit the bill. Whether you’re after a bustling city centre with all the amenities right at your fingertips, or a quiet neighbourhood surrounded by nature, these suburbs are perfect for those who want to ditch the car and explore their surroundings on foot. So if you’re ready to take the plunge into home ownership, and want to find a neighbourhood that’s perfect for strolls and scoots, keep reading for Adelaide’s most walkable suburbs.

Website has revealed the state’s most walkable suburbs — those that offer good access to amenities and public transport, and where most errands can be accomplished without a car.

Unsurprisingly, with a walk score of 90 out of 100, Adelaide’s CBD came in at number one, and was described as a walker’s paradise, with daily errands not requiring a car.

According to the site, its residents can walk to an average of 47 of the city’s 984 restaurants, bars and coffee shops within five minutes.

Glenelg, with 87, came in at a “very walkable” second place, with most errands being able to be accomplished on foot.

It offers its residents have access to an average of 28 of its 135 restaurants, bars and coffee shops within five minutes.

Stepney scored 86, Norwood 85 and North Adelaide, Hilton, Hyde Park and Exeter each scored 83, making them all “very walkable”.

Here’s the full list of Adelaides top 10 most walkable suburbs:

  1. Adelaide — score 90
  2. Glenelg — 87
  3. Stepney — 86
  4. Norwood 85
  5. North Adelaide, Hilton, Hyde Park, Exeter — 83
  6. Goodwood, Unley — 82
  7. Semaphore — 81
  8. Mile End — 79
  9. Kingswood, College Park, West Hindmarsh — 78
  10. Kensington, Hawthorn — 77

Best suburbs to buy in Adelaide


Best suburbs in Adelaide for first home buyers

Are you looking for the best suburbs in Adelaide to buy your first home? If so, you’ll want to read on. In this section, we will share our top picks for suburbs that are perfect for first time buyers. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to take the next step in your housing journey, keep reading!


Brahma Lodge

Young buyers seeking affordability in a well-connected area with good amenities and close to big employment zones would find Brahma Lodge worthy of consideration. Adelaide’s north has the Edinburgh Defence Base, one of Australia’s biggest, and multiple large commercial-industrial estates, plus major hospital and shopping centres. The suburb is close to the Salisbury town centre, which has a TAFE campus, and is on the commuter train line.


Christies Beach

Few capitals have beachside suburbs at first home buyer prices, but Christies Beach ticks that box and more. On the western fringe is the beach and Gulf St Vincent, while on the eastern border is the Noarlunga Centre with an array of retail, recreational and community services, as well as a train station linking to central Adelaide. There are also major green spaces nearby. It’s not a bad package for young buyers on a budget.



East Adelaide’s far north has eight Elizabeth suburbs, which share a downmarket image and lots of cheap houses. They all have lots of amenities and proximity to major employment zones, like the Edinburgh Defence Base. Elizabeth East is one of the most expensive of these suburbs, but still has a median house price below $300,000. It sits beside the Elizabeth town centre and a substantial green corridor, not far from a major hospital.


Huntfield Heights

This is part of the surging Onkaparinga City market, where the combination of lifestyle and affordability is attracting all kinds of buyers. Residents here have easy access to a national park and a recreation park, at the intersection of two major transport routes, Main South Road and the Southern Expressway. It also has good proximity to the services and jobs in the Noarlunga Centre, which includes shopping, health, sports and recreational services.


Ingle Farm

This is one of the most expensive suburbs in the City of Salisbury in Adelaide’s north but has a median house price in the low $400,000s. And it’s only about 14 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD. It has a major shopping centre, schools and parkland. Within a radius of a few kilometres are major employment nodes, produce markets, a homemaker retail centre and a precinct of sports facilities and green space.


Morphett Vale

Suburbs with lots of services and amenities not only offer a convenient lifestyle but also local employment. Morphett Vale, in Adelaide’s south, has lots of local infrastructure including shopping centres, aged care facilities, retirement villages and multiple schools. There are big green space areas and easy access to the Southern Expressway. Evidence of its popularity is a vacancy rate near zero.



This affordable suburb in Adelaide’s northern suburbs has high demand and low supply, so prices and rents have jumped recently. It has good infrastructure including schools, shops, a golf course, major green spaces (including Kaurna Park Wetlands) and access via the North-South Motorway. It’s all well-located for residents to get to major employment zones in the general area, including the Edinburgh Defence Base.



This suburb is a hub in the municipality of the same name in the far north of Adelaide. It offers affordability, connectivity and a lot of amenities, with major shopping centres, plenty of schools plus a TAFE campus, government services, commuter train links and a major green space spine. There are lots of big employment nodes in this part of the city. A precinct offering that plus houses in the $300,000s warrants attention.


Seaford Meadows

Demand is surging for homes in the City of Onkaparinga on the southern fringe of the Adelaide metropolitan area. It offers lifestyle (seaside suburbs and the McLaren Vale wine district) and affordability, with good road and rail links to central Adelaide. There are plenty of schools in the area and Seaford Meadows adjoins the vast Onkaparinga River Recreation Park. It has easy access to Seaford Beach.



This is a place with numerous credentials, a mixture of industry, amenities and lifestyle. It neighbours Osborne, where tens of billions are being spent on building vessels for the navy. It has beaches and parkland, and nearby North Haven has a major marina and golf course. There’s also a police academy. And rail links to the south. Typical houses are in the high $300,000s and low $400,000s.

Best suburbs to invest in Adelaide

Adelaide is one of the most stable and consistent markets in Australia. It continues to be a safe place for homeowners, as well an appealing location with good capital growth opportunities.

The housing market in this city has been steadily climbing since 2020, when it achieved consistent price growth despite the COVID-19 onslaught.

Over the past 12 months, dwelling values have increased by 25.7%

Adelaide’s property market is underpinned by an economy that is gradually rising up the national rankings, boosted by Adelaide’s growing reputation as the national leader in high-tech innovation and alternative energy development.

It is increasingly being targeted for its affordability and for rental yields that are well above average for Australian capital cities.

The city also offers an enviable lifestyle, with its river, beaches, accessible hills district and renowned wine districts on the northern fringe.

A standout feature of the Adelaide market is the ultra-low vacancies. Most of our Top 10 suburbs have vacancy rates below 0.5% and some have zero vacancies, with an inevitable response of sharply increasing rentals. Six of the Top 10 have median rental yields above 4%, at a time when the capital city average is 2.8%.

The other noteworthy feature is affordability. Million-dollar-median suburbs are rare in Adelaide and none make our Top 10 list. Nine of the 10 suburbs have median house prices under $750,000, including four below $500,000.

Adelaide has suburbs with growth potential and median prices in the $200,000s, something that is rare among the Australian capital cities.

Value for money is a characteristic of Adelaide. Suburbs on our Top 10 list with median prices in the $500,000s and $600,000s would be million-dollar areas in Melbourne or Sydney.

Overall the city offers an enticing package for investors – suburbs with affordable prices, very low vacancies and attractive rental yields boosted by rising rentals.

Here are some of the best suburbs to invest in:


The middle-market suburb of Belair in the Mitcham LGA is a case in point. Its ultra-tight rental market is sending rents soaring and sales activity is also rising strongly, with a consequent impact on property values. A 7% rise in the median house price to $720,000 in the latest quarter suggests the rate of price growth is accelerating.


Eden Hills

There are similar conditions in nearby Eden Hills, which has the additional appeal of greater affordability (median price $660,000). Prices have started to rise in the past 12 months and there has been a particular uplift in the latest quarter, in response to the strong increase in sales activity.


Seacombe Gardens

The suburbs of Mitcham attract demand in part because of the nearby Flinders medical and educational precinct. So too does the nearby City of Marion, where the suburb of Seacombe Gardens is well-situated near the Southern Expressway, Westfield Marion and the university precinct, as well as the Tonsley innovation precinct. There is virtually nothing available for tenants, rents are rising, buyer demand is increasing and prices have recently responded.


Morphett Vale

In the far south of the metropolitan area, the Onkaparinga LGA has multiple lifestyles on offer, including seaside suburbs and a noted wine district. Two suburbs in this precinct, which offer affordability, good amenities and access to the Southern Expressway, are Morphett Vale (median price $345,000) and Reynella (median price $380,000). Both have extremely tight rental markets, with rents rising strongly. Prices have responded to increased sales activity in the latest quarter.



Reynella is a suburb located in the southern part of Adelaide, South Australia. It is about 16 kilometres from the Adelaide CBD. Reynella is a popular place to live for families and investors alike due to its proximity to beaches, parks, and good schools. The suburb also has a relatively low crime rate. These factors make Reynella an attractive option for those looking to invest in property in Adelaide. Reynella is a sought-after suburb that has something to offer everyone. If you are looking for a safe and family-friendly suburb to invest in, Reynella should be at the top of your list.



The Port Adelaide Enfield LGA, north of the CBD, attracts high levels of demand for its range of attractive suburbs at reasonable prices. Broadview has near-zero vacancies and rising rents, with recent uplift in sales volumes resulting in the median price starting to rise, particularly in the most recent quarter, up 10% to $600,000.



There are similar conditions in neighbouring Greenacres, but homes are more affordable despite the recent uplift in the median house price to $510,000. Just a few kilometres north of the Adelaide CBD, Greenacres is centrally located for a range of services and amenities.



The northern suburbs of Adelaide include the City of Playford, which overall has the cheapest suburbs of any state or territory capital city in Australia (some with median house prices below $200,000). They include the Elizabeth suburbs, several of which have median house prices in the low $200,00s. Elizabeth Vale is slightly more expensive at $260,000, following a double-digit rise in the latest quarter. Infrastructure is strong in this precinct. There are major employment nodes nearby, vacancies are near zero and rents are rising.


Golden Grove

Another northern precinct that’s a little more upmarket is the LGA of Tea Tree Gully, where the suburb of Golden Grove is a standout for its infrastructure and amenities, including its schools’ precinct and major green spaces. Demand from both tenants and buyers is strong, with rents and prices rising. The median house price jumped almost 10% in the latest quarter to $565,000.



At the upper end of the market, Goodwood sits just outside the CBD. Sales activity is rising and prices have responded recently, notably in the latest quarter with a 6% rise to a median of $905,000. This suburb is set to join Adelaide’s small but growing million-dollar club in the near future.

Adelaide’s most expensive suburbs

If you’re in the market for a new home and have some pretty deep pockets, then you’ll want to check out Adelaide’s most expensive suburbs. Properties in these neighbourhoods come with a hefty price tag, but they also offer plenty of luxury amenities and stunning views. So, if money is no object, read on to find out more about Adelaide’s most exclusive enclaves.


Toorak Gardens

Located just two kilometres east of the Adelaide city centre, Toorak Gardens is one of South Australia’s most expensive suburbs. The residential suburb boasts leafy streets, manicured gardens and a notably friendly neighbourhood atmosphere. Toorak Gardens has a median house price of $2,111,009.



Favoured by professional couples and wealthy families with young children for its safe neighbourhood, Leabrook sits in the Burnside city council zone of Eastern Adelaide. Located only five kilometres from the Adelaide city centre, the suburb has seen a rise of 34.38% in it’s median house price to $2,056,547.


Rose Park

Rose Park boasts wide streets, large blocks and historic homes that date back to the 1800’s. Located only one kilometre east of the Adelaide city centre, the suburb offers residents the convenience of an inner city location with the comforts of larger properties and block size. Rose Park has a median house price of $2,044,771.



The small and exclusive neighbourhood of Medindie holds the title of Adelaide’s richest suburb. Populated with historic mansions and first-class amenities, the suburb is in close proximity to North Adelaide and the city centre. Medindie also contains the sprawling Adelaide Park Lands, some elite private schools and a number of shopping and dining precincts. The suburb has a median house price of $1,979,262.



Located below the Mount Lofty Ranges, Springfield is characterised by its sweeping views, bushland trails and large properties. The southern suburb is located eight kilometres away from the Adelaide city centre and contains some of the most expensive suburbs in the city. Springfield has a median house price of $1,717,469.

Adelaide’s safest and most dangerous suburbs

If you’re considering renting or buying in Adelaide, one factor that could be worth considering is how safe your suburb is. According to the latest Life in Australia Index report, the majority of Adelaide residents surveyed (69%) said feeling safe was the most important factor in deciding whether somewhere is a good place to live. 

What are the safest suburbs in Adelaide? The 10 Adelaide suburbs with the lowest crime rates from July 2018 to June 2019 were:

  • Rosslyn Park: 0.96 incidents per 100 residents
  • McLaren Flat: 0.98 incidents per 100 residents
  • Stonyfell: 0.99 incidents per 100 residents
  • Glenalta: 1.17 incidents per 100 residents
  • Erindale: 1.18 incidents per 100 residents
  • Aldgate: 1.22 incidents per 100 residents
  • Wattle Park: 1.27 incidents per 100 residents
  • Mylor: 1.28 incidents per 100 residents
  • Hazelwood Park: 1.28 incidents per 100 residents
  • Coromandel Valley: 1.29 incidents per 100 residents

This was based on the number of recorded criminal offences from July 2018 to June 2019, using SAPOL data. Criminal offences included all crimes against a person, such as assault, and crimes against property, such as theft. 

What Adelaide suburbs have the highest crime rates?  These were:

  • Elizabeth: 109.96 incidents per 100 residents
  • Port Adelaide: 56.21 incidents per 100 residents
  • Adelaide City: 43.04 incidents per 100 residents
  • Smithfield: 37.80 incidents per 100 residents
  • Oaklands Park: 35.95 incidents per 100 residents
  • Kilkenny: 25.54 incidents per 100 residents
  • Elizabeth South: 23.36 incidents per 100 residents
  • Modbury: 17.83 incidents per 100 residents
  • Ridleyton: 17.82 incidents per 100 residents
  • Salisbury: 16.81 incidents per 100 residents

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